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I'm an Entrepreneur seeking out work in the field of Automation and Robotics under the area's of Design, Programming, Testing and Integration within the Milton Area due to not being able to move easily currently, arrangements could be made to help fix this issue if you had a Job Opportunity that is interesting and .

Links to my Coverletter Resume Combo as of September 15th 2016

I'm continuing to start up my homebrew business ( Richinson Robotics ) that works on Automation, Programming and Design Projects within the Milton Ontario Area. I have completed my Post Secondary Education with Humber College ( North Campus ) for Electromechanical Engineering ( Automation and Robotics Profile ) and have worked part time with some local companies throughout Highschool and College to keep afloat. Now I am searching for a Full Time opportunity to attempt to full fill my dreams of being an Engineer.

I have learned about 3D Printing and 3D Scanning over the last couple years and believe it tied with Robotics in the Medical, Nuclear, Commercial and Agricultural fields is as beneficial as Industry 4.0. I would like to progress the Canadian Industry of Automation by staying in Canada and Working with the above mentioned fields, but without Industry Contacts its a little difficult to start a conversation.

If you have any Opportunities, Questions and/or Feedback,

Please Contact Me :

Cell Phone : (905) 864-2750
Email : RichinsonRobotics@gmail.com

The flow of Projects is at a limit due to lack of funds, Please,

Solar Power

Beta Solar Setup ~270W @ ~1.5KWh per Day System Required Parts : 1. Solar Panel : Jinko 260W – 33v @ 8.4A 2. Master Battery : 12 Volts 100Ah -Terminal Z1 – SLA/AGM Battery – UB121000 – Group 27 3. Charge Controller : 30A 12v/24v Charge Controller System Time Specs : ~2 Days to Recharge […]

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Arduino PLC

Turning a Regular Arduino into an Easy to Use PLC, Input (Analog and Digital), Output (Digital) and Screen Support for HMI. Alpha Version Works moving to Beta Version with Removable Sections. Current Beta Solidworks Render

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Electric Trimmer

Beta Trimmer Combo Unit Status : Designing Other Attachments…. Initial Tests show its working like Alpha, Waiting for more Grass to Confirm. Design is Complete and Battery Pack Configurations Figured out ( 6 Min – 60 Min Run Times ). Beta Trimmer Video Trimmer together again next is a 5 ft battery pack Think im […]

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Festo Bottler

Welcome to the Festo Bottler Page System Description We were given a task of picking a project to work on as our final Capstone Project while taking the Electromecanical Engineering at Humber. Jessie Hernandez, Benny Adrian and I Decided to try our hands with the Festo Bottler Cell because of various reasons. The Bottler Process […]

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Accomplishments with FIRST Robotics Team # 3571 and Skills Robotics

Digging through things... All the Robotz

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Engineering to Specifications via Layth

Making parts in Metal Shop, Looking good as an Enginneering shot as well

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Simulation and Design Videos

Solidworks : Festo Bottler Filling Process ( Humber )

The flow of Projects is at a limit due to lack of funds, Please,

Humber - Automation and Robotics Program

Fanuc Delta Robotics

Colaborative Robotics

Programming a Universal Robot via Hands...

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Inventor : Roomba Vac Mod Design Process

The flow of Projects is at a limit due to lack of funds, Please,

Milton District Highschool Automation

3D Touch BFB Printer Upkeep

Got that Larger Bfb printer running again with startup guide...

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Afinia Printer Upkeep

Today Instead of stressing over the last of exams I Fixed MDHS's Afinia Printers and....

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The flow of Projects is at a limit due to lack of funds, Please,