Welcome to the Computer Services Support by Richinson Robotics

Specifing, Building, and Upgrades for Computers
Virus and Malware Removal, Assesment of Virus Damage / Recovery
Screen Replacements, Battery Replacements and Main Board Assessments
(Phones, Laptops and Computers)

Certain Services might only be Locally available.

Some Services may depend on Customers wish on Voiding Warranty

$20 CAD per Hour Solving your computer issues, contact me for further quotes.

I have Specified a couple builds for friends and family over the years at school and helped individals choose better manufactures and parts to run they’re dreams requirements.
I have upgraded friends computers to achieve better computing speeds that should of been achieved out of the box but cheap computers require upgrades to continue to chug along.
I have repaired and removed viruses from computers that have been determined to be irrecoverable by customers.
I have also been able to deduce issues with Computers where it could of been multiple computer parts that could of failed. Saving time and money.

iPhone Battery Upgrade

The 5C battery replacement is going well… T – 3 min…

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Buisness Memory Upgrades Striaght from Factory

Upgraded Laptop SSD

Crucial MX200 mSata 512Gb Upgrade. All the cool upgrades today?

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Computer Build for a Customer

The build in Boxes

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Building a Compact Desktop

Build Imient…

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Upgrading Mac’s Memory to 16gb

IT has arrived at Jack's house…

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Acer and Mac Repairs are included..

How to cut ACER out of your life when they dye with @black_dsm

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