Project List from Recent to Founding

Arduino PLC $150 CAD

An Arduino Programmable Logic Controller Used in Industry to Control Automation.
Eventually Going to have Removable I/O for Upgradability and Maintainability Reasons alongside
Serial Networking to Multiple Arduino PLC’s,
Alpha Works Well Moving to Design of Beta…


Solar Install Package $500 CAD

Package Includes a 270W Solar Panel + 12v 100Ah Battery.
Working well during Init Research, Starting to Work on a Custom Inverter.

Current Setup needs more tilt tho Updating Website –>

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Solar Aim $200 CAD

Working well during Research, Need to Sit and Tune the Loacation Algorithm.

The updated Solar Tracker system with onboard controller….

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Electric Trimmer [2015] $100 CAD

Works Very Well on Beta State of the Project after the Alpha whipped the results.

And Shes Complete… Time to play with the Leaf Blowing part. Wish Instagram videos would be fixed.

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100W LED Flashlight [2015] $100 CAD

A Super Bright and Decently Priced LED Light for Night Time Biking.

With 100W LED bike light…

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Jetson TK1 Tablet Mod [2015] $275 CAD

A Compact Tablet / Computer for Mobile Applications and Engineering / Development Testing

Running Jetson off lipo… Part 2

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Roomba Vac Mod [2014 – 2015] $250 CAD

A Vacuum Based Hackgrade for a iRobot Roomba Discovery, Project on Pause..

My Roomba Isnt always Super Cool (ed) but when it is Its pretty Rad Too…

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Not really Liquid Cooled LOL.

Super Capacitor Pack [2014 – 2015] $150 CAD

A Replacement Pack / Boost Pack for Vehicles : Small, Light and Energy Dense…

Starting a Car with 2x 58F 16.6vDC Packs to a 12v ~100A Car Starter.

RPi Cluster [2014] $700 CAD

An Array of Raspberry Pi’s Running an Array of 1.7.5 Minecraft Servers
Also Attempting to Mess round with Nodes.
2014-04-03 23.36.29

MrRetupmoc’s SMC PCB [2014] $50 CAD

A Printer Controller for the RPi

Basics of Raspberry Pi [2013] $50 CAD

Small Little Computer aka RPi ( Base of most Projects )
2013-10-02 18.38.04

Solar System [2013] $150 CAD

A 35W Solar System for Testing ( In 2 Years Time… )
2013-08-24 22.13.37
Needed More Power Go with the $500 Solar Install Above.

Rostock Printer [2013] ~$1000 CAD

A Unusual Delta Rostock Printer, Super Fiddly To Work On…

Taken Apart and made Into New Printers…