Beta Trimmer Combo Unit

Status : Designing Other Attachments….
Initial Tests show its working like Alpha, Waiting for more Grass to Confirm.
Design is Complete and Battery Pack Configurations Figured out ( 6 Min – 60 Min Run Times ).

Beta Trimmer Video

Beta Trimmer Photo

And Shes Complete… Time to play with the Leaf Blowing part. Wish Instagram videos would be fixed.

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Solidworks Design Render Photo

Alpha Trimmer

Status : Works Very Well and I’m Very Happy with the Prototype,
Runs for a Good 15 Min Without Cooling, With Cooling More than 35 Min,
ESC Cooling Issues and Battery Placement will help when going to the Beta Design

Here is the Initial Trimmer Design…

Alpha Trimmer Video

3rd person with the trimmer… Should make more people happy…

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Pretty Cool EH?
What about in the Fall Time when Leaves are everywhere?

Alpha Trimmer / Blower Video

So the Grass trimmer now has 2 functions… Y=mx+b and y=ax^2+bx+c 30mm EDF Leaf blower…

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The Unit is very light and easy to use and to be honest isnt a whole lot complex as a unit compared to its gas counter part(s), Again 2 Functions in one should be a selling point on its own.

Alpha Trimmer / Blower Photo

EDF metal housing is the heatsink for the Speed controller… #3phase

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Current Overview of the Operational End of the Unit.
Project is Still Expanding… Want to try it with Snow now….