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System Description

We were given a task of picking a project to work on as our final Capstone Project while taking the Electromecanical Engineering at Humber. Jessie Hernandez, Benny Adrian and I Decided to try our hands with the Festo Bottler Cell because of various reasons. The Bottler Process is supposed to take a bottle, fill it with liquid ( this case water ) and detect liquid color ( this case tape on bottle ), cap the bottle ( should work ) then reject the bad apples from the product line depending on where they are in the system. We are now at a state where MOST of the Deisgn has been completed and we have moved into building what we proposed to Neal Mohommed.

Current Design Render ( Solidworks )


The Process Motion Study ( Solidworks )

Current Real Life Build Phase

Current state of the cell… #HMI runtime transfered over USB finally…

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Old HMI Screen Setup

Some Festo HMI…

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Current Visual Basic HMI Screen Using OPC

Also a VB based HMI using OPC… Now just for some Tabs and Extended Pages may commence…

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