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This is My attempt to opening my own services company to the Local Area,
I Just finished Post-Secondary Schooling with Humber College for Automation and Robotics with the fancy title of Electromechanical Engineer. I’m now awaiting my 2 Diplomas’ from Humber currently and sending out resumes without any return on them. The jobs I had lined up are not needing me at the moment thus looking for work / attempting to start out without any contacts in industry or any money to move or transport myself around to beable to get into this vast industry. I’m interested in Designing, Coding, Building and Integration of Automation and Engineering.


Can be found at our Online Store / Shop / Product Listing
Parts can be made In-House and designed in house upon request.


3D Printing / Rapid Manufacturing Services

$15 CAD per Hour CAD / Solidworks Design Service

Coding / Website Services

$15 CAD per Hour Website Consultation Service
$15 CAD per Hour Project Coding Service

Computer Services

for Desktops and Laptops
$20 CAD per Hour Software Virus Removal Service
$20 CAD per Hour Physical Computer Repair Service

Transportation Status

Biking was fun today…

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Peronal View on Life

I was so cool when Young… Blast from the past with @dripindrive

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Lab Backup Power

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