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Working for B├╝rkert Canada from 6am – 6pm weekdays.
Phone Number has Updated for the last time hopefully in last 6 months.

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We’re a small business that works on Automation, Programming and Design Projects within the Milton Ontario Area.
I have completed my Post Secondary Education with Humber College ( North Campus ) for Electromechanical Engineering ( Automation and Robotics Profile ) and have Worked both Full-Time and Part-Time with some local companies throughout Highschool and College to keep afloat.

I have learned about 3D Printing and 3D Scanning over the last couple years and believe it tied with Robotics in the Medical, Nuclear, Commercial and Agricultural fields is as beneficial as Industry 4.0. I would like to progress the Canadian Industry of Automation by staying in Canada and Working with the above mentioned fields, but without Industry Contacts its a little difficult to start a conversation.

If you have any Opportunities, Questions and/or Feedback,

Please Contact Me :
Cell Phone : (905) 220-6486
Email : RichinsonRobotics@gmail.com


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Education Status

Congrats you completed the Electromechanical Engineering Technology Program Mr. Evan Richinson.

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Transportation Status

Ontario G2 Drivers Licence
Onto Insurance and Car Hunt.